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In British Museum in search for Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia is the old empire in majority of my very dear homecountry Iraq. History is who we are and, in addition, give explanations to why we are. I’m proud that my origin is from such a great early civilization, but my other life philosophy is that there is no room for extreme nationalism and huge ego’s. We are all human beings, and just the fact that we are different ought to be celebrated in an unselfish manner. In this time of globalization; we ought to embrace the differences of each other and thereby live in peace and harmony. Modern Iraq, as an example, has various ethnics sects and religious groups such as Sunni Muslim, Shia Muslim, Kurds, Christians, Turkmen and so forth. Instead of fighting endlessly, let us all reunite and be stronger and set a good example for our future generations to arrive. The same principle goes for other countries in the entire world. But especially (because it’s so close to my heart) the wonderful people, Arabs. I think the essential word here is respect.

I’m a girl who will tell you about the struggles throughout the years living outside-outside, also referring to living in another country than intended, in this case United Kingdom. Language is the key to ones soul and identity. It opens doors for understanding cultures, history and religion.

I, unfortunately, have not been lucky enough to fully communicate with my fellow brother and sisters in the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world. I still want to learn more of the beautiful language, which is of course Arabic. Otherwise, you could say that I’m familiar with (or at least attempt to understand) the ‘Arab Mentality’ and ‘English Customs.’ Coming from a second generation background, it’s very hard to find your way between two very different cultures. I think the best way to integrate is to adapt here and there but without compromising who you are in terms of values and ethics. Who said my blood makes me a Mesopotamian Woman? Yes, no doubt that both the Iraqi, Arab and even the Islamic message comes easier to hearing, but is that really enough to make me who I am? You could argue that “Yes, there is sufficient evidence  around this globe, which you can witness for yourself!”, but in my opinion it also depends on where exactly you were raised. Some of the things which I’ve adapted from the West are their ‘individualistic attitudes’ to authorities. It was challenging because my parents idea of family structure did not collide with what was healthy in my opinion, to speak out! I now do not just see one point, but different points because my horizon is widening. Curiousness and progress of my interests is what keeps me in touch with who I am, my identity. And isn’t that what it is all about…growing and developing with time! So what makes me an Iraqi girl is really a matter of where my heart and soul belongs, and ahmmm…my brain is currently busy with University. 

So yet again, the key to my soul is hidden in languages, communication. Where and  also whom lies my desire to reach?

My points of views are going to be revealed as different world events, religion, politics, media, history, expressions in linguistics, arts and other interesting subjects within culture and entertainment will be explored and further investigated.


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